About Us

Ghana Oil and Gas Service Providers Association (GOGSPA) is an advocacy, lobbying, consultancy, compliance and monitoring group in Ghana  and is well recognized by all key stakeholders in the offshore oil and gas industry. GOGSPA was incorporated on 14th August 2009 and inaugurated at Takoradi on 16th December 2009.

As GOGSPA, we promote the interests and integrity of oil and gas service providers in Ghana, to ensure that they carry out their activities to the highest professional standards achievable.

We ensure that high standards of professional conduct and practice are maintained by members of the organization in their dealings with the public and among themselves so as to generate public confidence in the service provider.

We also facilitate and promote local content in the oil and gas industry and compliance with local, international standards, procedures and practices in the petroleum industry.

GOGSPA provides:

  • Business Development services
  • Facilitates Business Start-Up for both local and foreign companies
  • Capacity Building
  • Consultations for service providers in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our core members are indigenous Ghanaian companies registered with the Petroleum Commission as well as some foreign companies in the Oil and Gas Industry. Membership is open to all service providers in the Industry.

Currently, our membership strength is eighty two (82) including all the local indigenous and foreign giants in the Industry. Check membership for a complete list and services they provide.


Our mission is to contribute to the growth and development of the Oil and Gas Industry in Ghana.


Our vision is to strengthen the competitiveness of indigenous companies in the Oil and Gas Industry, to train and build human resource capacity for members and to work closely with all stakeholders in the industry.



The Executive Council has the ultimate authority to take decisions and make polices affecting the Association. This Council, by GOGSPA elections is made up of 7 members.

Mr. Nuertey Adzeman - Executive Director

Mr. Nuertey Adzeman has over twenty (20) years of managerial leadership experience of which ten (10) years was spent in the engineering industry in Nigeria.Mr. Adzeman began his career at Fung Tai Engineering Company Limited in Nigeria as country representative for Ghana. He also became country representative for JKL Energy Limited of Aberdeen, United Kingdom in the year 2010.

He is a founding member of the Ghana Oil and Gas Services Providers Association (GOGSPA) and has been serving as the Executive Director of GOGSPA since 2009. He has an extensive private sector experience in various capacities and has attended several conferences and seminars on oil and gas and marine. He is responsible for the day to day running of the Association.

Mr. Nuertey Adzeman serves on the local content committee of the Petroleum Commission, representing the indigenous service companies in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry of Ghana and is also a participating member of the steering committee of Enterprise Development Centre (EDC).



1.     Alfred Fafali Adagbedu, Seaweld Engineering Limited

2.    Kweku Ennin, Zeal Environmental Technologies